Disposable degradable soup bowl, bagasse, banned plastic instead of plastic lunch box

Source:Jiangsu Jingdianyun Technology Co., Ltd. Release time:2021-12-21 13:10:00 Author:3515

The disposable degradable soup bowl, made of natural bagasse, can be completely degraded into organic matter in 3 months under composting conditions. It is waterproof and oil-proof. It can be used for soup noodles, spicy hot noodles, hot dried noodles, rice bowls, etc. It is a good helper for takeaway delivery. Reduce white pollution, use biodegradable tableware, and use one less plastic lunch box for each person, and 76 plastic waste can be reduced globally. PE plastic bags and disposable straws are already in the ban on plastics, and the plastic replacement of disposable lunch boxes is also on the way