Pulp molding application field 1: plant fiber disposable degradable tableware food packaging container

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The characteristics of pulp molding process play a specific role in different fields, so its industry application fields are relatively wide.

Pulp molding application field 1: Plant fiber disposable degradable pulp lunch box

Food packaging container mainly refers to the packaging container mainly containing tableware. The raw materials are mostly wheat straw, bagasse, bamboo, straw, reed, cotton stalk, plant rattan and other plant fibers, which are molded into a finalized shape through pulp molding. Machine thermoforming, no harmful chemical substances are added during the production process. The product can be frozen and refrigerated, can be baked and heated, is water- and oil-proof, and can be completely degraded in 45-90 days to achieve composting.

There are many types of molded pulp tableware, including disposable pulp lunch boxes, disposable plates, disposable bowls, take-out packaging lunch boxes, and biodegradable cutlery spoons.

The production process of food packaging containers is mostly wet pressing process, the products are smooth, delicate and tidy, and the hygienic standards can meet the requirements of food grade.

With the increasing range of food packaging applications in recent years, it is not only limited to ordinary tableware, but also gradually applied to baking packaging containers, such as disposable cake trays, disposable cake trays, straw fiber moon cake boxes, pastry boxes, Tea packaging, various fresh fruits and meat trays, etc.

This type of food packaging container can be printed with plant water-based ink or laser printing on the surface, and assembled to form a set of suits, which not only protects the packaged product, but also promotes environmental protection and is different from conventional packaging. The use of paper-plastic packaging as a new product can easily attract consumers' attention and favor, and it is also a marketing tool to promote sales.

The pulp molded packaging container can be customized for the logo of the lunch box, which is directly printed on the mold when the mold is opened to achieve the aesthetics and brand requirements of the product. Of course, the cardboard girdle can also be customized to enrich the variety of products.